Ron Pauls "Neo-Conned" speech given July 10, 2003


Friday, May 4, 2007

Ron Paul's Neo-conned Speech

In this day the Neo-conservatives have pulled off the greatest deception.

These self-admitted Trotskyites, who describe themselves as a liberal mugged by reality, have portrayed themselves as conservatives. Even though their philosophy violates every aspect of conservative values the dumbed down American public eats their tripe.

The neo-cons advocate preemptive wars, which violate the Just War concept.
They do not hesitate to unleash this Pandora's Box.
In actuality, they advocate this.

They believe that America must use its moral authority to change the world.
They think that the US can create democracy at the barrel of a gun.

They act as if American money and citizens will never run out.

The neo-cons and their ilk have besmirched the conservative banner.

Unless conservatives assert themselves and correct their public image, they will be tarred and feathered by the actions of a bunch of Trotskyites.

The neo-cons have tapped into an old and familiar Communist trick. They have attempted to re-establish the battleground. By using a Gramiscian-like semantical change, the neo-cons have redefined conservatism.

Conservatism becomes big government.
Endless and unfinished wars.
Open borders.
More taxes.
Greater government intrusion into privacy.
Corruption to maintain hegemony.

In actuality Conservatism is:
Local Government
less regulations, hence less interference
less taxes, but less programs
the government does not offer to be the savior of the people

Ron Paul's "Neo-Conned Speech" serves as one of the most important speeches about the George W. Bush Administration's foreign policy.