Ron Pauls "Neo-Conned" speech given July 10, 2003


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

$100 by 100,000 people on November 5, 2007 = Major Momentum


There has been a call to arms (to put your hand into your wallet) for all those who love and cherish their liberty. An unnamed website has had more than 3,000 people noted that they read "Ron Paul spammers needed." In this article, the writer proposes that 100,000 people donate $100. I propose here that you, the reader of this, donate what ever you have. Whether it is 100 cents or $1,000. It is time to show how powerful Dr. Paul's message of Liberty resonates with the American public. On November 5, Ron Paul supports will exhibit how much they care about their beloved country. If you talk about how much you care about your freedom, then put your Money Where your mouth is.