Ron Pauls "Neo-Conned" speech given July 10, 2003


Friday, May 4, 2007

MSNBC ignores Congressman Paul's opposition to the Iraq war

Olbermann continually ignores Congressman Ron Paul’s position against the Iraq War. HE continually insinuates that all conservatives are for the war.

When Olbermann May 2: Most Americans reject the war, but many conservatives do not. They vote in primaries, and they'll be watching Thursday's debate. "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann talks with Chris Cillizza of

“Independents and democrats are clearly soured on this war. They want a time line. They want our troops out. Republicans, especially conservative Republicans, are still sticking by the president, are still sticking buy the surge strategy …”

After the Presidential debate on May 4, Olbermann and Mathews reviewed the video clips and candidate answers.

Again they began talking about the Iraq War. Olbermann and Mathews both assert that ALL Republicans were for the war. And that all Republicans still favor the war.

But NO ONE can say that Olbermann did not know Congressman Paul’s stance.

On May 1: Compared to "Mission Accomplished," the president's veto announcement represented a considerable downsizing of stage-management. Keith Olbermann talks with Howard Fineman of Newsweek.

Olbermann “You mention the debates at the Reagan library two nights from now. is there a chance that one of those Republicans even one of the ones out of the mainstream might fervently come out against the President’s position about Iraq?”

Fineman states, "I think that there already is one, Ron Paul, who is a libertarian from Texas. I think he is going to do it.”

The truth is Congressman Paul does oppose the Iraq war; he did from the beginning.
He voted against it.

How much journalistic research does it take to find this information out. Looking at the Congressional record? His voting record?

One has to ask if this is done to keep people in either the perpetual conservative/liberal, right/left, or Democrat/Republican paradigms?